life hack: be nice to people with a pool at their house

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Shoe Care 101

- Shine your shoes after you buy them and before  you buy them and before you wear them. Shine them regularly for as long as you own them.

- When you remove your shoes, insert a cedar shoe tree to draw out inner moisture and reshape the leather.

- Remove a salt stain as quickly as possible by lightly applying a mixture of 2/3 water. 1/3 vinegar with a rag. Wiping off with clean dap rag and drying with a towel.

- Waterproof your shoes with mink oil (may darken the color of the leather). A wax-based polish (light protection) or a speciality waterproofing compound (heavier protection).

- Clean your shoes regularly to remove dirt, stains, and layers of built-up polish. Use a speciality leather cleaner, saddle soap. Murphy’s Oil Soap, or Ivory soap and avoid products that contain detergents or acids. 

- To keep your shoes from drying out, every few months apply a speciality moisturizing conditioner or buff in a dab or petroleum jelly. 

- If your shoes are wet, stuff them with newspaper or small towel to draw out the moisture. Replace the paper towels periodically as they get saturated. Never place your shoes near A head source; this can dry out and crack the leather. 

- Remove scuff marks by rubbing the scuff with non-gel toothpaste. Rinse, wipe, and let dry.

- If your shoe manufacturer has this option, when your shoes becomes really worn out, send them back to the manufacturer for refurbishing or resoling instead of buying a new pair. 


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tip for all ldr couples


tip for all ldr couples

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The Doorway Effect: Why your brain won’t let you remember what you were doing before you came in here

I work in a lab, and the way our lab is set up, there are two adjacent rooms, connected by both an outer hallway and an inner doorway. I do most of my work on one side, but every time I walk over to the other side to grab a reagent or a box of tips, I completely forget what I was after. This leads to a lot of me standing with one hand on the freezer door and grumbling, “What the hell was I doing?” It got to where all I had to say was “Every damn time” and my labmate would laugh. Finally, when I explained to our new labmate why I was standing next to his bench with a glazed look in my eyes, he was able to shed some light. “Oh, yeah, that’s a well-documented phenomenon,” he said. “Doorways wipe your memory.”

Being the gung-ho new science blogger that I am, I decided to investigate. And it’s true! Well, doorways don’t literally wipe your memory. But they do encourage your brain to dump whatever it was working on before and get ready to do something new. In one study, participants played a video game in which they had to carry an object either across a room or into a new room. Then they were given a quiz. Participants who passed through a doorway had more trouble remembering what they were doing. It didn’t matter if the video game display was made smaller and less immersive, or if the participants performed the same task in an actual room—the results were similar. Returning to the room where they had begun the task didn’t help: even context didn’t serve to jog folks’ memories.

The researchers wrote that their results are consistent with what they call an “event model” of memory. They say the brain keeps some information ready to go at all times, but it can’t hold on to everything. So it takes advantage of what the researchers called an “event boundary,” like a doorway into a new room, to dump the old info and start over. Apparently my brain doesn’t care that my timer has seconds to go—if I have to go into the other room, I’m doing something new, and can’t remember that my previous task was antibody, idiot, you needed antibody.

Read more at Scientific American, or the original study.

I finally learned why I completely space when I cross to the other side of the lab, and that I’m apparently not alone.

this is actually kind of great and it’s nice to know there’s something behind that constant spacing out whenever i enter a different place


This is why after a class or meeting is finished (if you have the time) you should review your notes and fill in any gaps you find or questions you have before you leave the room.

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If you like this list of life hacks, follow ListOfLifeHacks for more like it!

More mouthwatering food hacks here

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Parenting, you’re doing it right. 

I can only hope to be this type of parent.

These parents make my heart melt

That last one really got me. That’s such a good idea, and bless his dad for wanting his son to not feel left out. All his friends were probably like “Look at all my candy” and Fletcher was like “LOOK AT ALL MY TOYS HAHA I GOT TOYS”

Yep and two weeks later they’ll be sad cause their candy a gone and fletched just gonna be like I got toys bitches!

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If you like this list of life hacks, follow ListOfLifeHacks for more like it!

I couldn’t have clicked the motherfucking follow button faster after I saw the pinata cookies with mini m&m’s inside holy shit let me tell you

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