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Some links I have found in various Tumblr Posts that I have saved on my computer. I do not take credit for collecting all these links. Unfortunately, I did not have the mind to save/note where these various links come from. Thank you to whoever compiled these links together.

General Writing Tips, Guides and Advice

How to be Confident in Your Writing
Start Your Novel Already!
Why First Chapters Matter
How to Outline a Novel
Incorporating Flashbacks
Word Building 101
Common Mistakes in Writing
Tips on Getting Started
What Not to Do
7 Tips to Become a Better Writer from Stephen King
How to Use Reading to Become a Better Writer
Why Writers Must Read
How to Finish What You Start: A Five-Step Plan for Writers
31 Ways to Find Inspiration for Your Writing
10 Tips to Write Fanfiction
Writing a Blurb
10 Writing Tips
Perfecting Description
Point of View
Speed Up Your Writing
Recieving Bad News
Useful Writing Apps
Avoiding Clichés
Writing Lessons
Finding Inspiration

Plot and Conflict

What is Conflict?
Where’s Your Conflict?
Adding Conflict to Your Scenes
Guides for Using Inner Conflict That Makes Sense
Plotting Your Novel
Internal and External Conflict
The Top Ten Plotting Problems
The Elements of Plot Development
Plot Help
Writing a Plot Your Own Way
Plot Development
Develop a Plot
Tension and Conflict
Your Plot, Step by Step
Plot vs. Exposition
Plot and Conflict

Character Development

How to Describe the Body Shape of Female Characters

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

Placement of Speech Tags

All About Names

List of Names

Genre Based

20 Tips to Writing Love Scenes


Word Count

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Anonymous said: Mama I've been applying for jobs all week and I still haven't herd anything from anyone. Any advice on how to apply and nail and interview?


Its ok if you don’t hear right away. Don’t stress yourself out too much. Maybe try with a follow up in a 5-7 days.

Some tips that may help you:

1. Research the company you are interviewing for.

One of the best ways to ace your job interview is to study the current events of the company. Knowing what the current happenings of the company are key to being able to ask pertinent questions. Doing so will also show the interviewer that you have done your homework, and also have a genuine interest in the company.

2. Study your resume and know it well.

As a candidate, you should know your resume like the back of your hand. In any job interview, anything on your resume is at the interviewer’s disposal. Implementing this strategy will definitely help you ace your job interview. It is your responsibility to convince the interviewer that you can come in and do the job. Speaking intelligently about each of your previous positions is one of the best ways to ace your job interview every single time.

3. Know the job description of the position you are applying for.

After getting an interview, you need to study the job description to truly understand what the interviewer is looking for. If the description calls for attentiveness to detail, you will want to tailor the discussion accordingly. Knowing this, you can navigate the interview and discuss examples from previous jobs that will exemplify this trait. Do this for all significant traits or qualities that you identify in the job description. This is one of the most prominent ways to ace your job interview.

4. Display your skills with concrete examples.

The interviewer wants to know you are hard working, but it will be hard for him or her to believe you unless you prove it. Tell a story of how you were hard working and instead of just saying it. Don’t leave it up to the imagination of the interviewer to figure out how. Rather, explain in detail and give and example to illustrate it.

5. Prepare an interview tool kit.

Being prepared for your interview is the best way to ace it. Putting together a “job interview kit” is a great job interview strategy. Not only will you want to have ample copies of your resume in your kit, but you can also include other items you will need like directions to the office, a bottle of water, eye drops, pens, and a notepad. Put the copies of your resume in a neat folder and keep the other items in a small bag in your car.

6. Build rapport.

nailing that interview. You know the saying, “There’s never a second chance to make a first impression?” That holds very true in the case of job interviews. If you want to ace your job interview, you are going to know how to build rapport. You will create a great setting for your interview by greeting the interviewer with a firm handshake and a pleasant smile. You can also start off by asking how he or she is doing and or make a comment about the weather.

7. Make eye contact.

Eye contact is one of the strongest forms of nonverbal communication and must if you want to ace your job interview. Eye contact can show whether a person is strong or weak. Direct eye contact shows communicates two key qualities employers look for in candidates – confidence and high self-esteem.

It is very important to make eye contact when you greet your interviewer and shake his or her hand. Throughout the interview, make a point to have direct eye contact in order to create a connection and exude confidence. This tip alone with greatly help you ace your job interview.

8. Body language

Body language is also a huge form of nonverbal communication. It will communicate whether you are confident, relaxed, nervous, or unsure of yourself. In order to ace your job interview, you must give off positive energy with your body language. Sit up straight and don’t slouch your back. Show that you are alert and listening carefully to everything your interviewer in saying.

9. Be yourself.

No matter how badly you want the job, it you aren’t a good match, you aren’t a good match. Never try to be what you “think” the job require. Let your true self shine through and you’ll send off the positive energy you’ll need to ace your job interview. If you aren’t being true to yourself, the interviewer will sense your lack of authenticity right away.

10. Follow up quickly.

Immediately after the interview, send a handwritten thank you note. A handwritten note is the best because it more personal. If you don’t have the mailing address of the interview, either get it, or send an e-mail. Simply thank the interviewer for their time to meet with you. What’s most important though is that you get the note into the mail. Interviewers know exactly who sent them a note and who didn’t.

Hope some of these tips help you! xoxo

-Hermit Sam

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Now this is the future of fashion.

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remember: if you’re attending a school that gives you a .edu email address, you can upgrade your amazon.com account to prime for free by going on and choosing the college/student membership. that means you get the prime 2-day shipping and even some textbook discounts (not to mention AFAIK you enjoy the amazon instant access for free for the duration of your edu email being active)

well at least someone is looking out for students

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truebluemeandyouHow to Answer the Top 35 Asked Interview Questions. Reblogging one of my most popular posts with clearer images. Go to the link for the highest resolution.

How to Answer the Top 35 Asked Interview Questions from The Undercover Recruiter here. Posted for friends looking for jobs this summer. Unfortunately you may also be asked illegal questions and these are two pretty good articles here and here.

For the Weakness question, it’s ok to say something that trunks a weakness. If you do that, tell them what you do to work around it. This gives the impression that you can work around obstacles.

Ex: “I tend to not being able to focus on one project for more than a few hours. What I do now is I schedule different time blocks where each is designated to a project. This is really good because it also brings out my ability to multitask (switch from one thing to another and not get tripped up).”

Ex 2: “I’m not very comfortable around new people. I tend to close off to people. I volunteer at a stables as the assistant trainer, so I talk to a lot of people, so being nervous around new people is a huge obstacle there. To fix this, I try to make myself more approachable by smiling more. If someone walks in, I greet them cheerfully with a smile. People there respond nicely and smile back. They’re more likely to initiate a conversation with me. That makes me feel more comfortable with them and they are more comfortable with me.” NOTE: I had asked my interviewer if there was any interviewing skills I could improve on, he had remarked that I smiled a bit much, but since I told him I do that when I’m nervous, that it was alright. It’s a good habit for being around new people.

I hope the examples work. The interviewers know you’re not perfect, so don’t try and make them think that. It tells a lot about you if you can admit that you’re weak in an area and are able to fix it/work on it. They see a dedication to doing better and an ability to self-analyze. This means you can fix your work ethic (project, etc.) without having to be babysat. These are very good things.

If you have worked over your weaknesses, then tell them about it. If you don’t have a plan on

In case earlier Anon is still around: these are all solid gold recommendations.

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How to keep yourself safe from iCloud hackers. Please make sure your auto photo sharing is turned off so that others don’t fall victim to having their photos stolen like those poor celebs.

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this is fucked up. this fucked me up. the teachers fucked up by not showing us this fuck up. fuck.

dear god

i’m 28 and never knew this

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survival tips

  • stay hydrated
  • stay cute
  • stay lowkey
  • stay in ur lane
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